Arrest Information Resource (A.I.R.)
The Arrest Information Resource (A.I.R) Program allows each active Neighborhood Watch Group within the City of Syracuse to receive updated arrest information. A.I.R. is an enhanced method using the latest technology which notifies watch groups when an arrest has occurred within the boundaries they have established. Currently, the only way of knowing what types of arrests have taken place within your community would be to observe the arrest, call the Records Division, contact your local Community Policing Officer, or the local newspaper.

A.I.R. allows Watch Groups to be more aware of problems within their neighborhoods, and if desired, to follow up on arrest with a “Court Watch” effort to track criminals through the Court System.
How A.I.R. Works
Each Neighborhood Watch group will submit a list of streets or boundaries for the organization.

Each Neighborhood Watch group will designate one individual from their group who will be the contact person. This person must have email capabilities.

As information becomes available the Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse enters the data into our computer system. This information is then sent to individual groups based on the boundaries previously established. Watch Groups can then share this information with their members.
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