Welcome to the Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse (NWGS) website.

Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse is a not for profit organization working
to improve neighborhoods throughout Syracuse. NWGS is an organization formed
in 1988 to help residents address "Crime and Quality of Life Concerns" in their communities. It is one of the oldest organizations in Syracuse working to unite neighbors so they can work to improve their neighborhoods.

NWGS works closely with the Syracuse Police Department, Federal agencies, Office of the Mayor, Common Council, Department of Code Enforcement, as well
as various city and county agencies to address neighborhood concerns.

Neighborhood Watch Groups of Syracuse teaches residents how to be the "Eyes and Ears" for their community so they can help the Syracuse Police Department
in their crime prevention efforts.

This website is intended as a resource for Neighborhood Watch Groups, their members, and anyone interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch Group.
Please bookmark this webpage and visit it often for updates and new information.
"Crime Prevention Through Education"
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Serving Syracuse Since 1988
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