Community Alert Program (C.A.P.)
The Community Alert Program “C.A.P” is a unique citywide initiative implemented in August of 2012. C.A.P. uses various forms of communication to notify residents of important information and criminal activity in their neighborhoods so they can work together with the Syracuse Police Department to “C.A.P” crime. C.A.P works to unite members throughout Syracuse so they can build stronger communities and a better city.
How C.A.P. Works
Interested members from active Neighborhood Watch Groups can request their contact information be added to the C.A.P database. In the event NWGS and/or the Syracuse Police Department deems it necessary to share crime related information with the community notifications will be sent using various forms of communication. Once notified, residents can assist the Syracuse Police by becoming the “Eyes and Ears” of their community and reporting all suspicious and criminal activity to 911.
Note: Information will not be shared and only used to disseminate Neighborhood Watch and SPD information
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